Travelogue: Old Chinese Waterfront Settlement

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Soon, I'll be on my usual daily life again. Oh nooo! *crying*
I'm still in the holiday mood and really don't want to let it go, but you have to work if you want to survive in this life. Who's with me?
Alright, back to the story.

Chew Jetty Village

Chew Jetty welcome you!
That's what it say when you first visit this place.

Chew Jetty Village Entrance

So, Chew Jetty itself is one of the clan among the eight clan jetties in Weld Quay. From what I read on the hotel brochure, we can learn how people of the eight clans lived and survived here. From that explanation, I made a conclusion that this place is some kind of museum, but when I visited this place, turned out it's actually a village. There really is people live here! Can you imagine that?

Chew Jetty Village Plank

Oh yes, this place is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. From what I found on the internet, they also offer a home-stay which I think is a really nice experience to fully understand the clan jetties and their tradition.

Narrow path and house's terrace at Chew Jetty village

A narrow path which connected each house in this place.
People that lives in this place transport using a bicycle or a motorcycle. Therefore, while you walked along this path, you will find one or two motorcycle or bicycle (which rarely) come to you. Be careful not to bump yourself! Kekeke.

Narrow path at Chew Jetty village

Don't worry, this path is actually pretty safe! Just remember to slow down and move aside and you will soon reach the small deck.

One of the house at Chew Jetty village

Furniture inside the house which is a sign that there really is people live here.
It used to be a really small village. Now, it become the largest and most lively Jetty Village in Penang with a total house of 75 units.

Small dock or small pier at Chew Jetty village

Have I told you this village was built on stilts?
Despite of the look - the path and the house mostly still built from timber, they already upgraded this village with water and electricity supplement. That's why they offer a home-stay.

Sea view from the dock, Chew Jetty Village

Although I'm a little disappointed because I didn't learn anything from here, I still like this place for its relaxing scenery. Try to imagine yourself sitting here at the end of the day... while watching the beautiful sunset with your loved one... Aaa, so perfect!

Sea view from the small shrine at Chew Jetty Village

This one is taken from the small shrine near the small deck.
Each clan jetties always have small shrine to worship the Temple Deity that is God of Heaven / Sky.

The mural painting (Children in the Boat) and Boats, Chew Jetty Village

On our way back, spotted the mural painting from far.

Mural Painting (Children in the Boat - Ernest Zacharevic), Chew Jetty Village
Children in the Boat - Ernest Zacharevic

Along Penang, you will find six more arts like this. It's one of the tourist spot and it's really famous here. I think this Ernest is clever, because he made it so people can experience the beauty of Penang through it since you have to tour the town if you want to see all his painting.

Boats at Chew Jetty Village

I find this place is really nice for photography and such and I really want to ride one of those boat!

Old photos and articles at one of the house's wall, Chew Jetty Village

Old photos and articles.
It's probably related to this village or is it just serve as a decoration, I wonder?

Souvenirs, mostly memo pad with mural paintings on the cover from Chew Jetty Village

Taraaah! This is what I've been talking about before, the mural painting or street art! Each painting is unique 'cause it's like trick art that's famous nowadays. Hmmm, I want to have on of the notebooks just for collection. Someone, buy it for me...! =P

Angeline Indriani at the small dock of Chew Jetty village
top/short dress - at mangga dua mall
cardigan - at mangga dua mall
short - at mangga dua mall
polkadot tights - at taman anggrek mall
wedges - at mangga dua mall

...and this is the end of our trip at Penang.
Don't forget to visit this blog again 'cause there will be a surprise on the next post.


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