Travelogue: the Largest Volcanic Lake in the World

Saturday, March 02, 2013

After my first culinary post, this time will be my first travel post that talked about place in Indonesia.

I'm gonna summarize a little about our trip before talking about this place.
So, the next morning after we ate that night, we immediately packing and check out. We left Penang and our next destination will be Medan which is the capital of Sumatra Utara (North Sumatra) in Indonesia. Here, we stayed at our relative house. By the way, it's my first time visit dad's hometown. However, it isn't their (my dad and my bro) first time. They have been stayed here occasionally. That's why I'm pretty much bored since I have yet know them. Nevertheless, we begin to know each other and I'm glad I don't have to pass my time doing nothing. I think we pretty much have fun with each other, especially when watching old Korean reality show, Family Outing. It's really funny!

Danau Toba View - Mimihitam, Wikimedia

Then, how did we end up here, you ask?
Before traveling, dad already planned to take us to Danau Toba (Lake Toba) and Berastagi. I thought that it was just us, but our relative also join us. I guess no one would want to miss the vacation time. ^^


Steamboat first before we continued our trip!
It's a long trip, so it's good to fill our empty stomach. Nom, nom, nom.

the Pier

Tadaaah! We finally reach Danau Toba. It was the pier, though.

Danau Toba view from the pier

Danau Toba view from the pier

Danau Toba is not just what I mentioned in the title of this post. It is also the largest lake in Indonesia! The surface area is around 1,130 sq km (440 sq mi) and the depth is up to 505 m (1,657 ft). As an Indonesian, I'm really proud of this! Indonesia also have many more nature places that is very beautiful. It's just that many still unexplored and some that already found isn't easy to be reached by tourists. Regarding this lake, there is also a story that tell about how this lake was formed. In Indonesia, we called it 'Legenda Danau Toba' or 'Asal Usul Danau Toba'. It's a legend, so of course it's not true.

For more facts about Danau Toba, please visit Wikipedia (English, Indonesia).

Ferry boats that take people from the pier to Pulau Samosir

From here, you can ride a ferry boat to Pulau Samosir (Samosir Island) for approximately one hour round-trip. I'm a little forget, but I think it's free. Well, I didn't take it, so I don't know what it is like at Pulau Samosir. In case you don't know, Pulau Samosir located in the middle of Danau Toba. It is a small island in a big island. Beside by boat, you can also reach this island through land from Pangururan. Please refer to the map below.

(purple) Pangururan & (red) Siantar Hotel, which near the Pier - Google Map
(purple) Pangururan, (red) Siantar Hotel which near the Pier, & Samosir Island (the land in the middle) - Google Map

Danau Toba view from the pier

Siantar Hotel view from the pier

If one day round-trip isn't enough, you can also stay here. They have various inns and hotels with wide price ranges from cheap to expensive. Make sure to book one to three (1-3) months before your stay because it's always full on holiday - the cheap and not so expensive one. We didn't stay here since some that available is the expensive one, so we stayed at one of the hotel at Pematang Siantar instead.

Danau Toba view from the pier
By the way, that slightly dark gray blueish mound is Pulau Samosir.

Danau Toba view from the pier

Danau Toba view from the pier

All the pictures above were taken from the pier. That's why the view isn't that much great from what you imagine. I think it's better to watch it from the hill. The road you take from and to here sometimes have a small food stall - we usually called it warteg (warung tegal). You can stop by to drink tea or coffee, have some little snacks, and enjoy the view. The air is very fresh and the view is THE BEST! It's like the one you see at the first picture. Too bad I missed that opportunity. T_T  Still, I got the chance to see it even if it just for a while and I thank God for that. ^^

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