Travel Plan: Sentosa Island and Batam

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Singapore Skyline - dogansoysal
Singapore Skyline - dogansoysal

Hello, guys. I'm sorry for not posting again although I'm in holiday. I've been editing so many photos from my gallery for almost a week, so please wait a little longer. By the way, next Monday, I will go to Singapore. Finally, after so much trouble I've had. If only my dad would tell me sooner, I'm sure we'll get much cheaper airplane and hotel. Never mind, next time, we'll plan sooner if we want to go somewhere.

Batam-Singapore Map - Google Maps
Batam-Singapore Map - Google Maps

About our trip, we're planning to take plane to Batam and then go to Sentosa Island by ship. I don't know what it is called as this is my first time go there through Batam. Just for your information, Batam is still in Indonesia country. To be exact, according to its' official website, it is one of the largest islands in the Riau archipelago and it is very close to Singapore (See the map above). I never go there for the rest of my life. Okay, back to track. After we arrived, I think dad will take us to go directly to one of some hotels at Resort World Sentosa. Then, our journey at Sentosa Island will begin.

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  1. I would love to go to Singapore ! I hope you'll have fun :)

    1. You should, dear. It has so much entertainment and shopping district there.


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