Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

An art that I made today for my best friend boyfriend. =P  We've been through a lot of hardships to reach this stage. Now, we just begin our story, but I've already learned so much from him. I've changed and became so much better because of him. Thank you, thank you so much for everything! No word can describe how grateful I am to have you. =)

Happy Birthday - Scenery taken at Prapatan
No word can describe how grateful I am to have you

Will update about it in the near future.

UPDATED!! - 28 August 2013

Sorry that I just update this post today. As you already know, I have to go to sleep because life university has called me again one day after the day I posted this. Basically, on Monday, 19th August 2013.

Life university is kind of hard especially if you're major in architecture like me. From the first day of my new semester, I've already got two assignment for two class I attended that day. The next day onward, I got some long assignment. Usually, they give us around one to two month to finished it. Even though it's like that, they actually gave us one to two target that had to be fulfilled or finished every week. Yeah, so you already figured it out, I've ABSOLUTELY no free time!!! T_T  Even if I have, I take that free time to sleep. Believe me!! Sleeping is a LUXURY for architecture student like me. You're probably wondering how I still manage to do some writing for this blog, no? Well, I still have some free time in the weekend which I usually got it after the deadline. Today is like one of those days.

Nowadays, I almost always wonder why I chose this major in the first place. Anyway, I already chose this major, so I've had no choice except to live this hard life. Hopefully.. NO, IT WILL become an advantage for me in the future. Surely, God will show me the future.

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