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Sunday, April 13, 2014

응급남녀 (Emergency Couple) - nene_chan, Detik Forum
응급남녀 (Emergency Couple) - nene_chan, Detik Forum

Recently, I just finished watching 응급남녀 (read: eung-geub nam nyeo) or "Emergency Man and Woman" / "Emergency Couple" / "119 Couple". Personally, I watch this comedic drama because of Song Ji-hyo, a Korean artist who I admire. Other reason was because I need some quick weekend getaway and a good comedy to be laughed hard which I didn't think I am after watched this. Instead, in some episodes, I was sobbing.

응급남녀 (Emergency Couple) Teaser - tvN drama

Nevertheless, it is still laughable, lovable, have a good plot, and of course moral values. The last thing which really hold me is..... I was really curious about the outcome of the main character's relationship. Every time the episode ended, it makes you saying, "I can't wait to watch the next episode!". I also can relate myself much with the woman's main character problem. So, is there any other reason not to love and watch this drama? Hmmm, since this drama is talking about doctor's life, there are some surgeries' scenes which some of you may not like. I really hate bloods and surgery but that didn't stop me to watch this. It's just for a while anyway. I was even nearly forget about it if I didn't review my writing. Other reasons... probably if you're not a fan of Korean drama or you don't like the casts.

So, what I'm getting after watched this drama?
There are so much moral values in it. In some parts, I even feel my heart being consoled. One of the things that made me really thinking is about finding where you can put your heart and soul into it. In a simple words, your passion or what you actually love.

You know that I have been hearing so many peoples when were asked (in term of dream and passion), "What do you love?", they will likely to answer, "I don't know" or "Playing games", "Watching movies", "Reading manga/novel", and other similar answers. I am one of them now. I'm also AWARE and KNOW it very well that everyone love it. I think it's save to say that most people DON'T KNOW their passion or dream. Perhaps if they know it, they don't have the confidence or the skill to reach it.

Getting a new start is a great thing on its own.
-Oh Chang-min to Im Yong-gyu, 응급남녀 (ER Couple)-

In this drama, there's also a case like that and not just one... and it told us that IT'S OKAY if we have yet known our passion. If you just found your passion in the early 30's, you can still pursue it. It doesn't mean that we won't be as success as people who started early. However, we need to realized that we have to work twice or perhaps one hundred times harder to reach the same place as them.

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    1. *high five* Me too. I think, it is the most realistic ending in k-drama so far. I rarely watching k-drama, though. =P


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